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Access Keys

We use the UK Government recommendations

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  • 0 - Accessibility
  • 3 - Site Map
  • S - Skip Navigation Bar
  • 9 - Contact
Using access keys with your browser - information taken from
Web Browser Modifier Effect Notes
Amaya Ctrl or Alt   Adjustable in preferences
Blazer   Element is activated immediately upon key press. No modifier is needed for this web browser used on mobile devices.
Camino Ctrl    
Google Chrome 3 and higher Alt on Windows

Ctrl +   Opt on Mac

  Access Keys were not functional in 2.x builds of Chrome, but are now supported in current versions.
Firefox 2 & 3 Alt + Shifton Windows and Linux

Ctrl on Ma

  Prior to version 2.0 Firefox used just Alt;
configurable via about:config
Internet Explorer Alt Prior to IE8, Alt + Access Key focused on the element, but required Enter to be pressed in order to activate the element  
Konqueror Ctrl The modifier key must be released before the regular key is pressed.  
Opera Shift+Esc The modifier key must be released before the regular key is pressed. Once the modifier key is released, browser lists the set of access keys on that page with action and user can hit the desired key. Configurable via Graphical user interface
Safari 3 Ctrlfor Mac

Alt for Windows

Safari 4 and higher Ctrl+  Opton Mac

Alt on Windows