7 Reasons Why Socks are the Best Gifts this Mother's Day

7 Reasons Why Socks are the Best Gifts this Mother's Day

Most of us feel like we owe a lot to our mothers, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. After all those long, sleepless nights when we were babies to those toddler tantrums and teenage laziness, mothers are our patient saviours every step of the way while growing up. It’s nice to show gratitude and thankfulness not just on Mother’s Day but throughout the rest of the year too.

This Mother’s Day, if you’d like to tell your mum to put her feet up and relax, what better way than with an accompanying pair of socks? Socks as gifts can sometimes have a bit of a bad rep with people thinking they’re boring or too practical – we couldn’t disagree more. To prove our point, we’re going to list seven reasons why socks are the best gift this Mother’s Day – particularly those from SocksFox.



1. Socks last much longer than generic Mother’s Day flowers or chocolates.

Flowers and chocolates are nice but they’re not particularly useful, plus they’re usually dead/gone within a week. Socks are a practical gift for mums as we wear socks all year round – especially in the U.K - unless we get lucky with a few hot days during the summer!

A good quality pair of socks is likely to be well received as sometimes spending money on yourself for something so small can seem like too much of an indulgence. It’s nice to be able to receive socks that are crafted for superiority such as cashmere socks

By a country mile, cashmere is one of the world’s most desirable materials. Reassuringly rare and exclusive, cashmere is synonymous with super-premium clothing that takes comfort to extremes.


2. Socks can brighten up outfits and bring a smile to your mother’s face

Socks needn’t be boring when you have so many colours and patterns available. From Fair Isle to Argyle and pastels to bolds, a colourful pair of socks will brighten up a sock drawer and put a spring in your mother’s step.

Discover our luxurious brands at SocksFox including Falke, Hanro, Zimmerli and several others. We’ve also got style features for you to explore such as breathable, natural fibres to keep feet dry and fresh, seamless socks for a smooth appearance, anti-blister reinforced heels and toes, plus much more.

3. There are a pair of socks for almost every occasion

Whether you’re shopping for your stay-at-home mum, career-focused mum or your sporty mum – the list goes on – here at SocksFox we’ve got styles to suit every type of mother. Shop slipper socks for cosy days at home, dress socks for a smart sheen and sneaker socks for a comfy ankle-baring look. We also have knee-high socks for teaming with midi and maxi dresses, plus invisible liner socks to keep ballet pumps fresh and comfortable.

4. Mother’s Day socks can fit any budget

Socks are a lovely token gift and won’t break the bank. Our range of women’s socks at SocksFox start from as little as £5. It’s money well spent when you consider that they’ll last for months if not years to come.

5. Socks are an easy fit

Buying clothes or shoes as Mother’s Day gifts can be tricky as it’s not always easy to know which size to get. With socks, picking a pair that fits your mum is almost guaranteed, thanks to the two sizing options that group together the most popular shoe sizes in women.

6. You can never have too many socks

We need a fresh pair of socks at least once a day – perhaps more if we’re working out or going for long walks – so it makes sense to stock up our sock drawers. That way, it’s easier on the laundry loads and gives mum more free time to put her feet up (with her new socks on!)

7. Socks are memorable

A carefully chosen pair of socks to suit your mum’s needs and preferences makes them a memorable gift. Each time she wears them, she’ll think of you and that’s what counts – the warming thoughts and feelings when giving and receiving gifts.

So, that’s seven reasons why socks are the best gift this Mother’s Day. Now it’s time to think about how to wrap them nicely.


The best way to wrap socks



We thought it would be useful to list a few ways that you can gift wrap socks for Mother’s Day. From beginners to intermediate and advanced wrappers, there’s a method to suit all.

  • Classic wrapping paper

With a traditional folded pair of socks, some nice wrapping paper, sticky tape and a bow or ribbon are all you need to make them look presentable. Simply cut some wrapping paper big enough to fit around the socks and place the socks lengthways in the paper. Fold the outer sides in so the paper fits snugly around the socks and secure with a piece of tape. Then fold each of the open ends inwards and fold down each corner to create a neat finish and secure with tape too. Place a sticky bow on top or wrap some ribbon around the parcel and tie in a pretty bow to finish.

  • Mini gift bag

If wrapping isn't your thing, buy a mini gift bag to place your mum’s socks in. It looks cute and is super easy – simply put them inside and if you want a little extra flair, add some coloured tissue paper on top to conceal them.

  • Gift box

Another fairly simple way to gift wrap Mother’s Day socks is to place them inside a pretty box. All you have to do is find the right size. You can add more décor in the form of a sticky bow, coloured tissue paper, or tying a ribbon around the box too.

We hope you enjoy shopping for Mother’s Day socks, gift wrapping them and watching your mum’s face light up when she opens them. Socks make wonderful gifts, not just on Mother’s Day but, all year round.