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In Need of Inspiration? Let Us Inspire You!      

Let SocksFox help you find the perfect gift for the children in your life.

Explore our kid's gift ideas for inspiration, with gifts for all ages including babies. 

We also have gift ideas for Men and Women. SocksFox also provides Gift Cards of varying values.

With products to suit all ages, styles and activities giving someone a SocksFox gift card helps make sure your special someone ends up with a gift they love.

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  1. Catspads Cotton Socks - Baby Falke
    Catspads Cotton Socks - Baby

    Soft and Cuddly Non Slip Babies Slipper Socks

    As low as £6.75
    6 Colour Options
  2. Cosyshoe Slipper Socks - Children's Falke
    Cosyshoe Slipper Socks - Children's

    Soft Yet Sturdy Non Slip Slipper Socks

    As low as £17.95
    1 Colour Options
  3. Romantic Lace Socks - Children's Falke
    Romantic Lace Socks - Children's

    Pretty Lace Cuff Cotton Blend Ankle Socks

    As low as £9.50
    3 Colour Options