Traditionally each Scottish clan has its own tartan in a unique colour-way. This pattern turned 45 degrees is the inspiration for Burlington's traditional yet modern argyle pattern.

The Burlington argyle check logo along with the famous metal button on each pair of socks symbolise both quality and luxury. Based in Germany, Burlington socks are now made by Falke.

Our Burlington socks for men and women include Argyle and plainer classic designs in socks and knee high lengths. They help create a chic look in conjunction with business, casual and sporting outfits. Available in a wide range of both traditional and contemporary colourways.

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  1. Tweed Argyle Socks - Men's-Anthracite Melange Grey-40-46 Burlington
    Tweed Argyle Socks - Men's Wintry Tweed Appearance Argyle Mid Calf Sock
    As low as £13.95
    10 Colour Options
  2. Westminster Socks - Women's-Marine-36-41 Burlington
    Westminster Socks - Women's Soft Cotton Blend Checked Ladies Socks
    As low as £10.95
    3 Colour Options
  3. Whitby Knee High Socks - Women's-Marine Blue-36-41 Burlington
    Whitby Knee High Socks - Women's

    Timeless Argyle Extra Soft Acrylic Long Socks

    As low as £13.95
    2 Colour Options
  4. Sale Whitby Socks - Women's-Primrose Pink-36-41 Burlington
    Whitby Socks - Women's

    Timeless Argyle Extra Soft Acrylic Socks

    As low as £7.67
    7 Colour Options