Why Socks are the Best Father's Day Gift

Why Socks are the Best Father's Day Gift

From the moment they find out that a little bundle of joy is imminent, dads spring into action - and they never stop.

Father’s day is so much more than the Dads, though - be it a grandparent, an uncle, or an older brother - it is about celebrating the men in our lives who we admire and want to give thanks.

Dads, well men in general, are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for. While it may well be a running joke among many families, “Oh look, socks! Such a surprise” when Dad opens his present, socks are a pretty great gift.

Our range of quality, unique socks will show him just how much he means to you and to the family that loves him so much.


Socks last much longer than chocolate and beer for Father’s Day

Other staple gifts in your gifting repertoire are probably things that are consumables, such as chocolate, beer, whisky or wine. While these are all great gifts, they don’t last very long. Socks are something that men wear nearly every day, and for most, they’re items they won’t invest in themselves, instead opting to pick up a multipack when their last pairs are threadbare.

Whether you choose a comfortable, warming pair of wool blend socks or a cooler cotton sock, you can bet on them being very well received. You can never have too many socks, after all.

Father’s Day socks to suit every personality

Socks don’t need to be boring. They’re the perfect item to inject some personality into an outfit. From practical and plain to traditional argyle to stripes, dots and even pheasants, whatever your Dad is into, we’ve got the socks for him.

Our luxury brands include Falke, Scott Nicol and Burlington, with something to suit everyone. We’ve also got socks with features such as seamless socks, breathable, natural fibres and trainer socks for those that like to keep their feet comfortable on the move.

Father’s Day Socks to suit every budget.

Dads are proud, and when asked, “what would you like for Father’s Day?” their response is usually something along the lines of “Oh, I don’t want anything, I’ve got all I need.” They don’t like the thought that their children are spending money on them.

We may be biased, but we think socks make the perfect token gift without Dad worrying about your bank balance. With socks starting at only £5, we’ve got socks to fit every budget.

Socks are the Perfect Small Gift to remind Dad he’s appreciated.

Socks might seem small and insignificant, but they’re a great reminder of the thoughtfulness of a simple and useful gift.

Finding the right socks for your Dad shows that you’ve thought about what he likes and needs. They are the extra little touches that you might not buy for yourself but that brings you a moment of joy when you get dressed in the morning. As a gift-giver, knowing you’re adding that to your Dad’s daily routine feels wonderful.

Socks are timeless gifts for Father’s Day

While we move quickly through different fashion trends season after season, socks are a fashion staple that is timeless. We’re all about celebrating individuality anyway, but even if your Dad is very fashion-forward, socks last for years and never look like they’re out of style.

Socks are a great keepsake Father’s Day gift

A carefully selected pair of socks, chosen especially by you, make them a fabulous keepsake gift. Dads are renowned for keeping things ‘for best’, so each time he wears the socks you’ve bought is likely to be a special occasion, and he’ll remember you buying them and think fondly of your well thought out gift.

Father’s Day gifts for the man with everything

Socks are the perfect Father’s day gift for the man with everything. Maybe he’s a regular gym-goer who needs trainer socks or liners, or perhaps he enjoys a long hike at the weekends and would benefit from some extra comfortable wool socks. He might even enjoy putting on some excellent quality dress socks for dinner and drinks. Either way, with socks available for every situation, you can’t go wrong.

When Dad’s ready to relax and get comfortable for the evening, our slipper socks are the perfect addition. Sturdy, non-slip soles make them practical for around the house, while the super-soft sock and cosy inner make them extremely warm and comfortable.

Socks are easy to size correctly.

Buying clothes such as shirts or t-shirts as a Father’s Day gift can be tricky as it’s not always easy to know the correct size or how they will fit. Socks that fit perfectly are much easier as the sizing options are limited to a range of the most popular shoe sizes in the UK.

Great Gifts For Father’s Day

Dads are many things. They can be funny, weird, and sometimes just plain embarrassing. But above all, they’re caring, loving, resourceful, and, though they might not show it, they’re sentimental (even if they don’t show it), making it so hard to buy Father’s Day gifts.

He deserves a gift that leaves a lasting impression. A pair of socks that represents him and all his quirks you adore and reminds him of the love, laughter and happiness for a long time.

A great pair of socks should last years and will help make every time he puts them on feel like Father’s Day.