Why Falke Ski Socks Are the Best

Why Falke Ski Socks Are the Best

What gives Falke its reputation as the best in the business of ski socks? What well-earned reasons could there be for this humble family enterprise to be trusted by Olympic athletes? How has this dominant brand been the licenced outfitters for both German and Austrian national ski teams since 2014?

There's a lot to love about Falke (and a good reason they’re one of our favourites!). In today’s post, we’re going to get more specific, and open up exactly what makes this fantastic brand’s ski socks the best choice for winter sports.


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Ski Socks?

Good ski socks need to perform several functions:

  1. Keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  2. Insulate and maintain the warmth in your feet and legs.
  3. Provide protection and padding for your foot and shin.
  4. Offer support for long periods of time on your feet.

When choosing the right ski socks, you need to grab a pair that ticks all these boxes.


How Do Falke Ski Socks Meet These Conditions?

Falke ski socks prioritise comfort and moisture-wicking fabric blends. Among their catalogue, you can expect to find a variety of suitable materials, including silk, wool, and cashmere.

Catering to any environmental need you can imagine, these socks come with different degrees of padding, from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty.

When it comes to protection and padding, you’ll find these socks more than high enough to protect your shin from the pressure of your boots.

In addition, it doesn’t get better than Falke’s anatomically inspiring shaping. Each of their ergonomically designed socks is created with either left or right foot specifically in mind. Yes, this means you have to make sure the right sock goes on the right foot; it also means these ski socks fit like a glove (metaphorically speaking).

Falke is no stranger to the power of subtleties in intricate designs, and how these impact the overall experience.


Falke Ergonomic Sport System chart

With a range of lighter and heavier styles available for a variety of situations, it’s clear at a glance that these socks are standout. But let’s go deeper than a mere glance…


Falke Materials

Falke uses high-quality fibres to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Each fabric is chosen for its ability to provide warmth, cushioning, moisture transport or support.



Silk is used to provide maximum comfort while retaining a lighter weight. It’s also well known for its high durability, making it a longer-lasting fabric.

Falke uses silk and silk blends to ensure both comfort and control in their lightweight ski socks.

Ski socks for competitive skiers, such as their SK5 line, contain as much as 25% silk.

These ski socks are marketed as the best for keeping feet dry and warm while still allowing the greatest amount of flexibility and movement.

When combined with merino wool, silk also provides extra insulation for socks with heavy padding.



Falke ski socks use both regular wool and the softer, finer merino wool in their construction.

Wool is known for its excellent insulation properties, as well as its durability. Merino wool has these traits, as well as added moisture-wicking properties for added comfort.

Regular wool is used in socks with thicker padding and a heavier insulation, ideal for those who are in colder climates, or are more occasional recreational skiers.

Higher quantities of merino wool provide solid insulation at a lighter weight. Socks with a higher merino content tend to be somewhat thinner, making them a better fit for custom-made shoes.



Cashmere is most often used in blends for more versatility. Experts say it can offer up to 5 times the insulation of regular wool.

In Falke’s cashmere socks, the material provides extra softness for skiers who want a little extra comfort and warmth.


Artificial Fibres

Most Falke ski socks contain some percentage of polypropylene and acrylic fibres in their construction. The acrylic provides extra insulation, while polypropylene offers a lightweight yet efficient moisture-wicking system.

The addition of these fabrics allows for a wider range of options regarding warmth, comfort, and control.


Person wearing Falke skiiwear sitting in a chair in a wooden cabin

Dependable Construction

Falke socks have several innovative design elements. Different styles not only contain different levels of padding and insulation, but also varying layers of support.

Even with the array of styles, there are some things that most (if not all) Falke ski socks have in common. Elements that combine to make them the perfect socks for the slopes. We’ll explore those now…



Falke ski socks are all knee-height to ensure maximum protection. The height not only insulates, it provides a buffer between your shin and your ski boots.

If you're new to skiing, these socks have several styles meant to provide the maximum cushioning along your leg, to avoid blisters and bruises.


Snug Fit

Falke socks are all designed to have a snug, ergonomic fit. Composition is designed to minimise bunching and slipping.


Moisture Wicking

All ski socks offered by Falke are designed with a triple-layer, high-efficiency moisture transport construction to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

This design helps reduce the risk of blisters by making socks quick-drying and ensuring breathability, even in high insulation socks.


Padding and Support

Padded ankles, heels, and shins are a cornerstone feature in Falke’s ski socks, to prevent friction-related injuries.

Of course, the level of padding you’ll need depends on your individual preferences. You’ll find a variety available for different levels of expertise, duration, and type of activities.


Shaped to Foot

Each pair of Falke ski socks has clearly designated left and right foot patterns.

The toe box is shaped for maximum comfort for each foot, and padding is arranged for the most efficient distribution of pressure. Contours of socks are designed to fit precisely for your shoe size.

Male and Female socks are also differentiated to account for anatomical differences between genders.


Other Features That Add to The Appeal of Falke Ski Socks:

The level of padding and support you can get isn't the only thing you can vary when choosing the perfect ski socks from Falke.



Falke’s ski socks all benefit from contouring for maximum comfort. However, they also have a special line of socks that have added compression for improved blood flow.

Their Energizing Line offers several options for compression socks with various levels of padding for a better experience.



Falke Ski socks come in several colours. You can choose between traditional blacks and greys, or wild fluorescent colours.


Different Activities - Different Styles

You can choose socks for different activities.

Extra warmth for a colder trip. A style with extra arch support if you think you might do a lot of climbing or hiking.

Alternative padding if you think you'll be snowboarding as well as skiing. Lighter designs for added mobility or more form-fitting shoes.