What to Pack for your European City Break For Ultimate Comfort

What to Pack for your European City Break For Ultimate Comfort

Are you heading off on a European city break this summer? Lucky you. You might be wondering what's best to pack for a short holiday – especially if you're only taking hand luggage.

Check the weather forecast and take it with a pinch of salt.

Even during the summer, European weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. One minute you can be sweltering, and the next, you can be caught off guard in a chilly downpour.

For Women

Socks and Tights

We have invisible liner socks for women, which are great for teaming with pumps or court shoes. They add a comfy layer to help keep your feet fresh and dry.

Tights are great for a European city break as they will keep you warm on an evening out and pair well with skirts or dresses and heeled boots or court shoes.

Leggings are great for active days as they're comfy, lightweight and easy to style with jumpers, tees or tunics. Tights are handy for evening wear, such as skirts or dresses with heeled boots or court shoes.

We have several high-quality tights and leggings for you to stock up on.


It's always best to pack underwear for each day and a spare set. We also recommend packing a pair in hand luggage, in the rare chance your suitcase goes missing.

If you're planning on doing lots of walking and/or travelling by public transport or car, seamless underwear is best. Aim for quality cotton to ensure comfort.

You can then change into something more luxurious or sultry for evening wining and dining. Check out our neutral-coloured bras that are great for wearing under everything, so you don't need to pack a separate bra for each outfit.

You can typically wear one bra twice but always pack two pairs of knickers/briefs for each day of your stay. Cotton-rich undies are your best bet to keep dry and fresh throughout the day.


Despite warm days, It can get very chilly at night, so we advise having cosier options.

Whether you prefer a nightie or boyfriend-style nightshirt, long pyjamas or short pyjamas, our wide range of women's nightwear is sure to have your favourite style.

Mercerised cotton is a great choice for travel due to its durability. This is a special kind of cotton yarn that's more lustrous than regular cotton.

It's stronger and doesn't shrink or lose its shape as much as regular cotton, so will last. We recommend you pack one nightwear set every two days to stay fresh and get a great night's sleep.

For Men

Keep comfy in the right socks

When sightseeing in warm climes, it's best to wear the proper footwear and socks. We recommend choosing socks that are made from a blend of natural fibres such as silk, Merino wool or Pima cotton and synthetic fibres too, such as Nylon or Lycra®. Together, they create an absorbent, comfortable and temperature-regulating pair of socks.

If you choose pure natural fibre blends, these tend to absorb too much moisture and leave you with damp feet, and if you choose synthetic only, this can cause your feet to get very hot and uncomfortable.

Many of our sports socks are made from technical blends for moisture-wicking and a comfy grip inside your trainers – some even have inbuilt blister-resistant heels (also an excellent choice for sightseeing).

For evenings when you plan on getting dressed up to dine somewhere fancy, make sure you have some dress socks packed to wear with smart shoes.


Pack two pairs of comfy boxers or briefs for each day of your stay. This gives you flexibility for any accidents or if you get hot and sweaty for any reason.


Whilst you can't guarantee a comfy bed while on holiday, at least you can bring home comforts in pyjamas and nightwear.

It's not uncommon to see men wearing their regular day T-shirts and boxers at night instead of pyjamas. Why not treat yourself to some dedicated nightwear for men? We've got plenty of comfy long pants, long and short sleeve tees, and soft bathrobes. You'll find cotton designs within our range for softness and durability.

We hope you find this guide on packing for a European city summer a helpful break. Have a safe journey and an incredible time sightseeing!