Introducing: Zimmerli

Introducing: Zimmerli

The world's finest underwear, handmade in Switzerland since 1871. And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about this brand in a nutshell, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Quite simply, Zimmerli is an ultra-premium clothing manufacturer for those who take their underwear seriously. Since that’s certainly something we do here at SocksFox, we’re proud to give our backing to this exquisite collection.

Putting underwear of this quality into words isn’t easy. According to Zimmerli, it’s less a case of clothing in a conventional sense, more an all-round sensory experience of the highest perfection.

This may sound like a lot to ask from your everyday underwear. And it is. But let’s face it – this is anything but everyday underwear.

Comprising only the highest quality materials, painstakingly manufactured by hand and with total commitment and sustainability, Zimmerli is a brand of distinction in every sense of the word.


Zimmerli logo

Superior Materials and Exquisite Attention to Detail

You really can see and feel the traditional craftsmanship that goes into every garment carrying the Zimmerli logo. All of which stands to reason, given how the history of the company dates way back to 1871.

Expertise handed down over several generations manifests in the form of intricate and sophisticated details, resulting in an undeniably exclusive experience by way of both look and feel. Importantly, the fact that every Zimmerli garment is handmade means each piece is unique – a genuine one-of-a-kind.

The epitome of individuality in every detail, Zimmerli’s skilled artisans produce products of genuine pride and passion. Understated yet elegant, subtle yet sophisticated – this brand takes intimacy and enjoyment of elite underwear to an entirely new place.

Whether you are on the lookout for the ultimate personal indulgence or plan to spoil someone special, our personally selected Zimmerli collection has you covered.


Traditional Values Paired with Timeless Purism

“Top quality speaks for itself. The very first encounter radiates the valuable materials and generations of craftsmanship directly to our skin where all our senses can directly experience the unique quality. Details and cuts that pass through our hands time and again with the utmost attention combine aesthetic and tactile perfection.” Zimmerli

Over the course of several generations, Zimmerli has kept its distance from industrial mass production techniques. The goal of the company has always been not to focus on the short term, but to produce timeless classics.

Zimmerli’s production process begins with sourcing only the most prestigious and valuable raw materials. Since 1871, the company has been scouring the globe for rare and exclusive commodities like pure grège silk, merino wool and the highest quality cotton money can buy.

Their Sea Island range is perhaps the top of this exclusive list, coming from a rare reserve comprising 0.0004% of the worldwide cotton production. Straight from the sunny shores of Barbados, this is the very definition of pleasure.

Excellence truly is embedded in the fabric of every Zimmerli garment, providing wearers with a unique pampering experience against the skin. Underwear that goes beyond practicality to immerse the senses in pure indulgence.

After all, isn’t that what super-premium underwear is all about?


150 Years of Zimmerli, picture of the brand's founder next to scissors and sowing needles

A Global Success Story

Zimmerli’s inspiring backstory is a tale of wall-to-wall achievements and innovations, beginning in 1871 when Pauline Zimmerli travelled to Basel to learn how to operate the recently invented knitting machine. She hired her first workers shortly after returning to Switzerland, where she invented the revolutionary 2-needle knitting machine in 1874.

A few other landmark years and events in the history of Zimmerli:

  • 1874 – Zimmerli officially becomes a company, effectively launching an entirely new industrial sector as the brand builds ties with overseas suppliers.
  • 1876 – The company has grown significantly; its products appear for the first time in the renowned department store "Le Bon Marché".
  • 1900 – Having taken home the prestigious gold medal at the World's Fair the year before, Zimmerli scoops up another prestigious award. This time, in the form of a Grand Prix gold medal.
  • 1920 – Following the First World War, Zimmerli is taken over by a new management team and continues building on its reputation for producing “the world’s finest underwear”.
  • 1965 – By the mid-1960s, new production facilities have been established in France. This enables the company to notably expand its reach and output.
  • 1997 - Cousins Walter and Hans Borner take over the Zimmerli Coldrerio SA production facility. Soon after, they assume control of Zimmerli Textil AG, with a new strategy focusing exclusively on ultra-luxurious underwear.
  • 2012 – The company opens its first-ever flagship stores on Rue St. Honoré in Paris and at KadeWe Berlin. The profile of the brand is strengthened thanks to its premium presence in prestigious high-end locations.
  • 2014 – Further flagship stores open in several other prestigious locations worldwide, as far afield as Moscow and Macau.
  • 2016 - The subsidiary Zimmerli Shanghai Trading Co. Ltd. is established with two employees of its own. This is followed by the opening of the brand’s first boutiques in Shanghai and London’s Harrods.
  • 2021 – Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Zimmerli hosted a variety of special events and contests with luxurious gifts up for grabs for those taking part.


Looking Forward to the Future

A century and a half down the line, the future for this timeless company has never looked brighter. Now synonymous with all things luxurious and exclusive, Zimmerli has become a world-renowned mark of sophistication.

Importantly, Zimmerli continues to pledge its total commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability. Both in terms of the planet and the people involved in the production of its garments, Zimmerli is always mindful of what matters most.


Male model sitting in a chair wearing Zimmerli underwear

Why We Love Zimmerli

Underwear can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be. But when the mood takes you for something truly ostentatious, there’s simply nothing in the world quite like Zimmerli.

As they say themselves, Zimmerli underwear is less a basic essential, more an indulgent sensory experience. The way it wraps the skin in pure shameless luxury is something you have to experience to truly appreciate.

A super-premium product that justifies every penny and more, Zimmerli takes underwear to places you never knew existed. All with the bonus of doing business with a brand that champions’ sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Here at SocksFox, you’ll find an extensive range of inspiring products from the latest Zimmerli collection. One of our all-time top-selling brands, we highly recommend this brand to anyone with a taste for the finer things in life.