Introducing Scott-Nichol

Introducing Scott-Nichol

Scott-Nichol socks are a quintessentially British sock brand that have been around since the 1930s when the company was founded by John Scott-Nichol.

He first established the label in Shepshed, Leicestershire and called it Shepshed Footwear Co Ltd before changing its name to the more personal Scott-Nichol in 1946.

John Scott-Nichol was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in World War I and served as a Captain in the Shepshed Home Guard in World War II.

The History of Scott-Nichol Socks

Scott-Nichol socks owe some of their renowned status to having shared the same factory as Pantherella. Pantherella are known for making some of the finest socks for men and women and have been around for over 75 Years.

All Scott-Nichol socks today are designed and made in England by Pantherella. The deep heritage and textile expertise are the foundations of every pair of Scott-Nichol socks. You can be assured that only the best natural fibres are sourced to create unique and distinctive socks that you’ll enjoy wearing time and time again.

Scott-Nichol socks started out as a durable blend of wool and nylon which swept through the hosiery industry. They helped to revolutionise the manufacturing of durable socks for work and school wear.


Scott-Nichol Socks Today

Today, the brand’s socks continue to be crafted at the Pantherella factory in the heart of England, Leicester. They are all hand-finished to the highest of standards that are demanded by the world's finest sock makers. Scott-Nichol use what’s called a ‘leisure knit’ that is a higher gauge than usually used by Pantherella. It offers a versatile, leisure sock for the dapper gentleman – perfect for weekend wear or evenings at home after work.

Scott-Nichol Fabrics

You’ll find pairs of Scott-Nichol socks knitted from a blend of warm virgin wool taken from a sheep’s first shearing with a touch of nylon to ensure a soft, perfect fit that ensures longevity. There are also more lightweight organic cotton and nylon blends for a slimmer fit that are reinforced at the heels and toes – ideal for wearing with brogues. Then there are more heavy-knit options such as merino wool and silk blends which are great for teaming with walking boots when out for a weekend stroll.

Scott-Nichol Socks at SocksFox

Discover our Country Casual and Urban Cool hand-finished collections. The Scott-Nichol family had centuries of experience in the Scottish wool trade, and you can trace their descent back to a chap named Sir Walter Scott.

All Scott-Nichol socks have hand-linked toes which makes them practically seamless for a super-smooth feel. They’re also made from the finest quality yarns. The designs take inspiration from the great English outdoors, combining beautiful colourways, outstanding natural fibres and creative designs with a twist to suit all tastes – even the most discerning of gentlemen. Shop spring-like shades such as teal green and orange for a bright clash, or more autumnal shades including forest green and mustard yellow. We also have dark neutrals like navy blue and grey for winter or lighter shades such as classic beige for summertime.

Value for Money

A pair of Scott-Nichol socks offers great value for money with a pair setting you back around £11-15. This means you’re getting good quality materials and longevity for less than £20. Some of the most expensive socks in the world cost up to $1,500 a pair! They’re woven from a particularly soft, exotic fibre called Cervelt. It’s even softer and lighter than cashmere, with a natural elasticity that’s completely wrinkle free. It’s sourced from the New Zealand Red Deer and because only 20 grams can be collected from each animal, the product is super exclusive.

What Makes Scott-Nichol Socks Good Quality?

Here are seven reasons why Scott-Nichol socks from SocksFox are a premium choice.


  • The length of the fibres in sock yarns is important for high quality. Some of the longest fibres used for making Scott-Nichol socks is silk. Silk is smooth, soft and gentle against the skin. It’s also easy to colour and has good thermal insulation.


  • All Scott-Nichol socks are designed and made by Pantherella. Known as the world’s finest socks, the manufacturer’s expertise and world-renowned craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation.


  • Scott-Nichol socks are hand-finished in a factory in Leicester. Leicester city has historically had a strong association with the production of good-quality textiles, clothing and shoes.

Size range

  • Scott-Nichol socks offer sizes medium to large which equates to 6-9 and 9.5-12 in UK men’s shoe sizing. This covers almost everyone so they’re great for gifting.

Colour and pattern

  • You can count on Scott-Nichol socks for colourful and creative designs. From classic stripes and Fair Isle to more quirky patterns such as pheasants and dogs, there’s a style to suit all. Colours are typically bright and clashing but in a way that’s sophisticated and original rather than cheesy or tacky.

Customer satisfaction through SocksFox

When you buy Scott-Nichol socks from SocksFox you can almost guarantee a positive shopping experience going by our amazing customer reviews. 97% of our reviewers would recommend SocksFox and we’ve got a score of 4.77 out of 5 on

Supporting British business

When you support a UK-based business, it helps to strengthen our economy and keeps British history alive.

Rest assured, when you buy Scott-Nichol socks from SocksFox, you’re buying some of the best of British craftsmanship.

Why not treat yourself to some leisure socks that you’ll treasure for many seasons to come? Alternatively, choose to gift them to a loved one, especially if they’re a bit of a sock connoisseur.

Socks as presents can sometimes have a bit of a bad rep for being boring but if it’s a pair of luxury Scott-Nichol socks then the recipient is sure to be impressed and very grateful. Wrap your gifted pair of Scott-Nichol socks in some coloured tissue paper and pop them into a gift box or bag to beautifully present them to your receiver.