Introducing Schiesser

Introducing Schiesser

Founded in Germany in 1875, Schiesser has an established history of creating high-quality underwear using traditional craftsmanship and the finest kinds of cotton.

Despite challenges through its 135 years, Schiesser has stayed true to its core values and has kept its unwavering attention to detail - it has always been and will continue to be a brand with soul.


History of Strong Values

Swiss manufacturer Jacques Schiesser was 27 when he started his namesake company with the help of his wife, Malwine.

Only a year later, the couple moved to their first factory in the German town of Radolfzell on scenic Lake Constance, right near the Swiss border.

By the end of the decade, Schiesser had grown into a bustling company of 260 employees with a client list spanning the globe. Sales were made as far afield as Japan.

Since then, Schiesser has withstood world wars, economic booms and depressions, social changes, and much more over the last century. Just like its clothing, it was built to last.


'Feel Good Formula'

Schiesser created a unique blend of the softest cotton, elastics, and techniques so that a Schiesser garment feels like a second skin, perfectly integrating into daily life.

Traditional fine and double rib fabric, circular knitting, seamless borders, classic flat-knit bands, and intricate button tapes with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons come together seamlessly to ensure comfort and sophistication.

Unrivalled Longevity

The quality of your underwear should not be solely limited to how it feels.

How long you can use it and how practical it is to do so are essential factors. Schiesser, has you covered. Planned obsolescence does not factor into the brand's production style, aiming for the exact opposite.

When you buy a garment from Schiesser, you can expect lasting quality.

The clothing that Schiesser produces will retain its colour for many more years than offerings by competitors, so you will never have to replace a faded garment or worry about your Schiesser clothing losing its original shape.

Schiesser builds their clothing for longevity, giving you maximum value for money and practicality, considered just as much as aesthetics.


A Range to Suit Any Need

Schiesser has your clothing needs covered for most of what you may be looking for, whether it's for men, women, or children.

Whether you are looking for something delicate, like their women's spaghetti tops, or something more practical, like their men's boxer shorts, the brand offers the quality you expect across its range of underwear.

For the traditionalists looking for everyday clothing, you don't need to look any further. Everything from t-shirts to jackets that Schiesser produce carries the prestige of the brand and all the time-honoured qualities that come with it.

Even if you are looking for something a bit more special, Schiesser's bathrobes are so comfortable that you can use them both for drying off and as loungewear.

Schiesser Revival

The world needs more originals. Not those who go with the crowd, but those who do their own thing. Courageous, confident, and unwavering.

Schiesser Revival brings back vintage underwear, concentrating on quality craftsmanship and classic designs.


In Summary

Schiesser is built on just shy of 150 years of history. The brand's rich heritage shapes its past as it shapes its future. Still, it does not dominate it, leaving the company always open to adapting to a dynamic market, as we saw with its acquisition by Delta Galil.

The brand offers a quality guarantee that is backed by its superior workmanship. The brilliant cotton and spandex blend provides maximum comfort, and the dedication to longevity means you do not have to worry about your Schiesser clothing fading or losing shape with age.

Here at SocksFox, we share many of the same values as Schiesser. We stock some of the best European sock brands with quality, comfort, and longevity at the heart of what we do. We hope you love them as much we do.