Introducing: Rohner

Introducing: Rohner

When it comes to socks, attention to detail makes all the difference. There is a world of difference between a 12 pack of socks from the local superstore and a pair of quality socks crafted with only the finest materials.

If you’re looking for a sock in the latter category, that will change the way you look at socks forever, we want to introduce you to Rohner

Rohner socks are made with four things in mind: performance, quality, comfort, and design. 

With a history dating back to 1873, these are not only made to be the best socks you’ve ever owned; they are also working constantly to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sustainable year by year.


Rohner sock brand logo

The History of Rohner Socks

Jacob Rohner, the founder of Rohner Socks, first began working on making garments way back in 1873 in his home country of Switzerland. At this point, Jacob hadn’t settled on socks as his garment of choice. All he knew was that he wanted to create quality clothes. In a building owned by his father, he opened an embroidery factory with 8 machines.

From this modest factory, Jacob Rohner became a well-respected clothing merchant worldwide. During his travels, he visited other important textile industries of the time, and soon after he began to make the item that he would become famous for: high-quality socks

In 1930, Jacob Rohner began to experiment with sock designs focused on performance, quality, comfort, and design – the traits his company would become synonymous with. By 1952, Rohner had completely overhauled a factory in the small Swiss town of Balgach to produce these state-of-the-art socks. 

By the 1980s, Rohner Socks released their non-slip supeR sock, which is still their best-selling product to this day. This incredible sock cemented Rohner as one of the best sock companies worldwide

The brand stepped into the modern-day world of internet sales in 2012, making it easier than ever for customers to have access to all their new and innovative products.

Today, Rohner focuses on socks for the active lifestyle, especially running and hiking, and the extra stresses these activities put on our feet. Rohner has a wide range of products for men, women, and children, so everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for.


Rohner Socks and Sustainability 

In our ever-changing world, sustainability is becoming more important for companies than ever. Rohner Socks stepped up to the challenge of producing products in a more sustainable way, so they can be good for both our feet and the world around us. 

Rohner has tackled the sustainability problem in 3 fundamental ways: packaging, paperless sales, and sustainable and ecologically friendly materials. 


Rohner socks in their packaging set against a mountainous backdrop


Rohner products are shipped in FSC paper, which is fully recyclable. Furthermore, there are no filling materials or plastics in their packaging, so everything that comes with the socks can be recycled.

They carry this practice over to their factories, too, only storing products and materials in cardboard boxes that are used up to 10 times before they and recycled. This has led to Rohner recycling an incredible 7530 kg of cardboard in 2020.


Paperless Sales

Instead of large, glossy paper catalogues, Rohner releases their catalogues online. These paperless catalogues are easier to access and available for all their customers.

Not only does this cut down on paper waste, but it also eliminates a huge amount of printer ink usage. Paper catalogues inevitably end up in the garbage, which is why paperless online catalogues are so much more sustainable. 


Sustainable and Ecologically Friendly Materials 

Believe it or not, a large variety of different materials go into making socks. Especially when a company produces so many different types of socks, like Rohner.

To ensure that the materials that they use are sustainable, Rohner knows the sources of all their materials. The brand even employs testing for some materials to ensure that they are up to standard.

Rohner is also completely transparent to its customers about the materials their socks contain.


Closeup of person's legs - wearing Rohner socks, set against a nature backdrop of green trees, fallen leaves and a wooden bench


What We Love About Rohner Socks

It’s one thing to produce socks with sustainable materials, but another to produce sustainably made socks that are also comfortable and long-lasting. There are a lot of things that Rohner does right - so many that we can’t possibly list them all here.

So instead, we’ve picked a few of the things that we love the most about this standout sock brand and its products.

  • Numbered socks: Have you ever struggled to keep socks together after a wash? Rohner’s socks are all numbered, so you never have to second-guess your sock matching again.
  • Healthy feet: Rohner socks aren’t just comfortable, they’re also good for your feet, too. Rohner socks are made to go on your right and left feet specifically, not interchangeably, providing targeted support. They also control moisture retention to prevent blisters and reduce the stress put on your feet by walking or running. 
  • Giving back: Rohner supports numerous charities, including donating over 500 pairs of socks to Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber. 
  • Socks for any occasion: Although Rohner’s initial focus was on socks for hiking, running, and mountaineering, they’ve branched out to provide all sorts of different socks. These include compression socks, diabetic socks, business socks, socks for skiing and snowboarding, and even pantyhose.


In Summary

Rohner is a Swiss sock company that makes innovative, unique socks for all walks of life. This is a sustainable, high-quality brand available online, so anyone can access these exciting products.

We love the strides Rohner has made to become more sustainable, their decades-long history, and their dedication to using only the best materials around.