Introducing: Pantherella

Introducing: Pantherella

Brands like Pantherella are a dying breed. Although they’ve embraced evolving trends and modern technology, they have never once lost sight of their roots or the beliefs the company was founded on. Made in England, their socks have a traditional, almost aristocratic feel with a surprisingly contemporary air.

We love their high-quality yarns, eye-catching patterns, and bold colour choices. And we’re confident you will too.

In this post, we’re going to tell you a little bit about their brand history, give you a sneak peek inside their factory, and show you what it is that makes this brand so special.


Pantherella logo

Made in England 

Founded in Leicester by Louis Goldschmidt in 1937, Pantherella has been at the forefront of fine British hosiery for more than 80 years.

Goldschmidt was a self-proclaimed maverick and a fine gauge English sock aficionado. At a time when men’s socks were bulky, uncomfortable, and *yawn* boring, he alone saw another option: a boundless untapped market for lightweight, seamless, and slightly funky socks.

Despite the resistance he faced from manufacturers, the derision of competitors, our man boldly forged ahead. And he set a standard for innovative English sock design that still has not been beaten.

Today, Pantherella is managed by 5th generation sock maker, Justin Hall. And the factory is still located on Hallaton Street in Leicester, where the Pantherella story first began. Just look out for the blue door.

But that’s not the only constant…


Consistent Philosophy

While seasons pass and trends change, some things remain at Pantherella. Their philosophy of Provenance, Design & Quality, for example, is as important today as it was when the company was first founded.

  • Provenance - whether you go for cotton, cashmere, or Chinese silk, you can be sure the materials used to make your socks have come from a reputable supplier.

  • Design - Pantherella has been pathfinding from the very beginning. Today, they use a combination of modern machinery and traditional techniques, passed down through the generations, to create the ‘world’s finest socks made in England’.

    They hit the mark style-wise every season. Whenever the designers get stuck, they draw inspiration from the brand’s extensive archive of designs. The hand-linked seam Louis Goldschmidt introduced in 1937 is still the hallmark of the Pantherella sock.

  • Quality - each pair of socks is manufactured using the highest quality yarn and then hand finished. Throughout design and production stages, every sock is checked and double-checked to make sure it meets Pantherella’s exacting standards.


Banner showing feet wearing Pantherella socks, in smart shoes

Inside the Factory…

Pantherella socks have always been made in Leicester – an English city long associated with textile and clothing production. Their first factory opened on Hallaton Street in 1940. And in 1962, to meet rising demands, they moved their operations to a larger factory a few doors down.

This factory is home to skilled knitters, mechanics, linkers, and trimmers; some of whom are the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of previous Pantherella workers!

Every new season, the design team jets out to Florence for the world’s biggest yarn event - ‘knit’ to be missed if they want to keep up with changing global trends! There, they select only the best yarns for the upcoming collection, according to Pantherella’s Provenance and Quality philosophy.

Every pair is hand finished so you get a comfy, seamless toe, then washed, paired, and hand packed. It’s a personal touch we absolutely love, because it’s so often missed in today’s mass production market.

To get a unique peek behind the blue door yourself, look out for repeats of the BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’. The Pantherella factory, with its “fascinating mix of Wallace and Gromit-style and high-tech machinery”, featured on the show in 2020. (A perfect excuse to put your feet up, we say!)


What we love about Pantherella

The amount of care that’s put into a pair of Pantherella socks is astounding. All the way through the production process, they are constantly checked to make sure the outgoing items are of the best possible quality. And we just can’t get over how talented their linkers are, or the amount of dedication that goes into the packaging.

If you read our post on Sea Island Cotton, you'll know that only the best sock manufacturers produce socks with this exquisite material. And, it should come as no surprise that Pantherella fit within that exclusive tribe. (Men, take our advice and check out their Pembrey Sea Island Cotton socks - thank us later.)

The hand-linked, seamless finish on the toes of Pantherella socks is Louis Goldschmidt’s vision come to life. The kind of comfort your feet could only dream of pre-1937. In fact, this invisible seam is such a game-changer, people are still talking about it now.


Check out these reviews from some very happy customers:

“After watching a documentary about the Pantherella factory and seeing the incredible skill and care that goes into making their socks (did you see that lady sewing the toes on?) I had to try a pair as a sort of lockdown treat to myself. Now socks may not seem like a treat but when mine arrived today - really nicely wrapped and presented - I was really pleased. Inside the box, the socks are simply sublime - if a sock can be such a thing. They are by far the best quality I have ever seen - and they look good too!!”


“If you think a sock is just a sock, think again! These socks are magic, a real treat for your feet. Best socks on the planet!”


“The socks are very comfortable, great quality, and a perfect fit. If you want to wear a little premium treat each day then I would highly recommend a pair, especially the Sea Island Cotton.”


Man sitting in chair in a field, reading Pantherella newspaper

Treat your feet

Given how much people love them, how could we not feature Pantherella products on our own site? We always knew – through personal awareness of how exceptional these socks are – they’d be one of our best-selling brands.

We’re proud to support this British-owned sock brand, which not only produces socks that honour quality, provenance, and the customer experience. They produce socks that really, well… knock your socks off!

Pantherella is a luxury footwear brand for men and women who like the finer things in life. But despite their global appeal, the personal touch is never forgotten. For 80+ years, they have followed the same guiding principles, which is what gives their products a timeless appeal.

Browse our range of Pantherella socks today to see for yourself.