Introducing: Mey

Introducing: Mey

Quality, comfort, stylish looks: Mey bodywear has it all.

Established in 1928, this German brand has consistently provided top-quality products while adhering to sustainable practices. And with designs both elegant and unique, Mey has something for everyone.

When you buy underwear from Mey, you’re also purchasing a guarantee. You know the product you’re getting is of the utmost excellence, while also made in an environmentally friendly manner.

But what makes Mey products so spectacular? As it turns out, the story behind this brand might surprise you. The care and attention they pour into their products are unrivalled.


Mey brand logo

Bodywear the Mey Way

Mey products are perfect for consumers who want to shop with principles without sacrificing quality. 

They dedicate themselves to making bodywear so comfortable that you might forget it’s there. At the same time, Mey manufactures their products with environmental sustainability in mind.

Additionally, Mey has an impressively varied catalogue. Whether you want new ultra-premium shirts, pants, or sensual lingerie for that special someone, Mey has you covered.

Their designs are distinct yet subtle. And their materials are comfy yet durable. Regardless of which of their garments piques your interest, the utmost craftsmanship is guaranteed.

In the company’s own words, “the customer is at the heart of everything we do.”

And as proof, Mey offers its customers the pinnacle of pure transparency. 

They show you exactly how their production and material sourcing breaks down on their website. This is because the company wants to ensure its customers can make the most informed purchases possible.


Why You’ll Love Mey

So, how do we know that you’ll love Mey? 

As it turns out, there are several reasons you might fall in love with this brand:

  • Mey products are high-quality and comfortable. You can rest assured that their bodywear will feel great and is durable.
  • They only use the most luxurious materials. Mey sources its prized pima cotton directly from Peru. Not to mention all products are made with care and attention to detail.
  • Mey dedicates itself to environmentally conscious manufacturing. Few companies go to such great lengths to ensure their manufacturing is done responsibly. Mey has even won awards for its sustainability.
  • Their bodywear looks fantastic on you. Whether form-fitting or flowing, Mey products are sure to bolster your confidence.
  • Mey products have STANDARD 100 certification from OEKO-TEX. Meaning that their fabrics are tested to ensure they’re healthy for and friendly to your skin.

If you have any doubts, try a pair of Mey underwear yourself. The moment you receive your product, the top-notch quality will be clear as day. 

Not to mention the brand offers a generous 14-day free return policy.


Clothing material hanging on a wire outside next to a tree, overlay says 'Fair Production' with accompanying logo

Sustainability: More Than a Trend

For this brand, it’s not enough to sell excellent bodywear. They also want to make their products in a way that’s responsible and ethical.

One key way Mey stays environmentally friendly is through hummus.

Yes, you read that right!

Through a partnership with Positerra, Mey sponsors farmers throughout Germany in the production of hummus. In doing so, they offset the CO2 created in their regional manufacturing while supporting environmentally friendly agriculture.

But their commitment doesn’t stop there.

The company also raises several colonies of bees on their company grounds in Albstadt, Germany. Which is more critical now than ever as bee populations continue declining. 

Mey ensures their manufacturing follows this same conscientious philosophy. Virtually all of their raw materials are organic and completely renewable

So, when you buy from Mey, you’re not only getting a top-end product. You’re also contributing to sustainable business practices that improve the environment. 


How Mey Bodywear Gets Made

Mey doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to its products.

The primary component of most of their top bodywear is Peruvian pima cotton. Which many consider the most high-quality cotton thanks to its long and silky fibres.

In addition to using this coveted material, Mey ensures the cotton is entirely hand-picked and manually sorted. That way, only the finest and most durable cotton gets used.

From there, Mey produces their own fabric using state-of-the-art knitting machines located in Germany. This material is then further processed and inspected by hand.

The resulting textile is equal parts supple, durable, and cosy.

Finally, Mey’s expert sewists set to work putting it all together. And with a relatively high 13 stitches per centimetre, their clothing balances supreme comfort with elasticity.

The end product is an ultra-premium garment that is sure to satisfy. (You can even have your initials hand-embroidered on certain items to personalise them!)


Model sits posed in a chair wearing Mey clothing

Mey Brand: Success Story

Mey didn’t become the global success it is today overnight. 

Founded by Franz Mey in 1928, Mey was initially dedicated to making hosiery for women. But as the years rolled on, their specialisation shifted to women’s underwear.

However, the success of Mey isn’t only in undergarments. In fact, they made several innovations to the craftsmanship of sewing as a whole.

Their most notable accomplishment in this respect was the seamless finish (check out this fantastic camisole for a perfect example!).

Removing the noticeable seam typical on their competitors’ undergarments gave Mey’s pioneering products a unique advantage. The design made their bodywear more comfortable and form-fitting, and less noticeable.

Now, companies worldwide utilise this innovation in their sportswear, bras, and other clothing.

Over time, Mey began branching out more. They started producing men’s underwear in 1984, which quickly became a popular product. 

And in 2007, the introduction of elegant Mey lingerie to their catalogue broadened the brand’s appeal even further.


Mey Brand Today

Mey is now one of Europe’s most acclaimed bodywear brands. It’s synonymous with unparalleled comfort and luxurious quality. 

They have won several awards thanks to the excellence of their clothing. Such as the 2018 TextilWirtschaft Forum Prize and TOP MARKE for women’s underwear.

Today, this family-owned company also operates the world-renowned Sewing Machine Museum in Germany. Because at Mey, tradition is just as important as innovation.

While the brand is most renowned for its women’s underwear, the promise of quality extends to every product. In their catalogue, you can find pyjamas, tank tops, bras, and so much more.

And don't think for a second that Mey's fame in the female department means they're not here for men, too! In fact, here at SocksFox, we see almost as many men end their hunt for high-quality, innovative clothing at great prices with Mey products.