Introducing: Marcoliani

Introducing: Marcoliani

Marcoliani socks prove that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style and elegance.

By using only the finest materials, Marcoliani provides the utmost quality in their socks. With their almost invisible seam and a myriad of captivating designs, they’re hard not to love.

The company’s roots date back to right after World War II, when founder Giuseppe Gatti started breeding silkworms in his attic. Since then, Marcoliani has grown into a globally recognised brand synonymous with sophistication and comfort.

Next, let’s dive into what makes these socks so exquisite.


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Where Elegance and Comfort Meet

What if I told you having elegant and refined socks didn’t have to mean giving up comfort and durability? Because Marcoliani brand socks truly manage to check all the boxes.

One of the best qualities of their garments is their seam. 

Some socks have noticeable seams that feel uncomfortable along your toes. However, Marcoliani ensures theirs are imperceptible. Marcoliani artisans hand link the seams with a single thread. That way, you don’t have to see or feel them.

The brand’s socks also boast a conical shape and elasticised cuffs; the conical structure ensures your fit is snug and form-fitting. Meanwhile, the dynamic stretch of the cuffs prevents the socks from sliding down your legs or getting bunched up.

Suppose you want a pair of socks sophisticated enough for the office but also cosy to lounge in. In that case, Marcoliani is the brand for you.

Their products are perfect for every occasion.


Only the Finest Materials

Marcoliani is careful to source and use only the most high-quality materials on the planet. That way, they can ensure all their socks provide the utmost durability and comfort.

Let’s take a look at the impressive types of yarn that go into making their socks:

  • Pima Cotton - Famous for its remarkably long fibres, this cotton provides comfort that lasts. It also helps give Marcoliani socks that fresh feeling they’re known for.
  • Cashmere - Few sartorial materials are as synonymous with luxury as cashmere. Marcoliani artisans expertly prepare this cosy textile at spinning mills in Biella, Italy.
  • Essence of cotton - This material is distilled from the highest-quality cotton fibres grown along the Nile River Delta. It gives Marcoliani socks their smooth, ultrasoft texture.
  • Mousse of modal - Modal helps make Marcoliani socks fit for an active lifestyle. This plant-based fibre provides breathability, elasticity, and moisture absorption.
  • Merino wool - Sourced from Australia and prepared in Italy, this wool is the gold standard of textiles. It brings comfort and durability to your Marcoliani garments.


Closeup of lots of feet in Marcoliani socks, showing off their variety of designs

Colours and Designs for Every Taste

While having the best resources and designs are crucial, that’s not all that matters with socks—they also have to look good!

Marcoliani knows this well. It’s why their selection of patterns and colours can cover anyone’s taste:

  • Colours - Marcoliani socks come in a variety of colours. Subtle reds and blues are perfect for formal events. In contrast, their “fullcolour” socks feature vibrant hues that pop.
  • Texture - Marcoliani offers textured lines of socks. These garments have distinctive stitching done by hand to make each piece unique.
  • Style - Since the company is only a stone’s throw from Milan, it’s no surprise that their style exceeds expectations. These socks aren’t only garments—they’re practically art.


The “Invisible” Sock

One of the company’s most successful products is its “invisible” collection. 

And no, that name isn’t some devious trick to get you to buy an empty box!

By invisible, Marcoliani means “no-show” and “no-feel.” These socks are perfect to wear with footwear like boat shoes. Or if you don’t like the feeling of socks on your leg and ankle.

Plus, their invisible socks are so comfortable that you’re likely to forget that you’re wearing them. Although, the striking and vibrant designs are sure to garner compliments when you kick your shoes off.


Made in Italy

The story behind Marcoliani takes us back to Italy right after World War II.

Back then, Giuseppe Gatti was working in a sock factory on the outskirts of Milan—a job he only got thanks to his friend Marculian. To help make more money, Gatti began breeding silkworms in his home’s attic to make silk for hosiery and socks.

Eventually, Gatti decided to start his own business endeavour. He aptly named his line of socks Calzificio Italiano, meaning literally “Italian Sock Factory.”

Gatti’s socks eventually rose to prominence in northern Italy and then Europe. And in the 1980s, the founder’s children would take over the business. 

In honour of Marculian, who helped Gatti get into the hosiery business, the children renamed the company “Marcoliani.” The ultimate tribute, as the name now evokes a sense of prestige and a promise of quality.


Image of person's legs bent up towards chest, Marcoliani socks on feet, beautiful Italian background

Marcoliani Today

Today, Marcoliani’s prestige has extended beyond Europe. It’s now one of the most respected sock brands worldwide.

However, they haven’t let that success go to their head. The company entirely invests itself in preserving its identity and tradition.

It would’ve saved them money to move production elsewhere or switch to fully automated manufacturing. 

Despite that, Marcoliani still makes all its products in Italy. Furthermore, they still hand link all socks to ensure that their seams are virtually invisible.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the brand also commits itself to sustainability. 

Their materials, such as essence of cotton, are harvested with great concern for workers and the environment.

Marcoliani knows that they can’t rest on their laurels, and it shows with the quality of their socks. You can regularly find them featured in publications such as Vogue Italia and GQ.


Why You Should Try Marcoliani Socks

So, why should you buy a pack of Marcoliani socks

Perhaps the better question is, “why wouldn’t you?”

Here are some of the key reasons why Marcoliani stands above the competition:

  • Care for craftsmanship - They never take the easy path when making their socks. Their artisans work by hand to ensure every seam is seemingly seamless.
  • The most exquisite materials - Cashmere, pima cotton, merino wool: only the best goes into this Italian brand’s garments. Marcoliani’s experts inspect and spin all materials to ensure quality.
  • Sustainability – Few brands are more dedicated to sourcing materials through environmentally-sustainable methods.
  • Designs you’ll fall in love with - Their socks don’t only feel amazing: they also come in a plethora of patterns ranging from sophisticated to dazzling.
  • Made in Italy - Just because they now have global appeal doesn’t mean Marcoliani forgot their roots. All their products are carefully crafted by skilled sewists in Italy.