Introducing: HANRO

Introducing: HANRO

Well… if they’re classy enough for Ms Monroe to show off like that

SocksFox is on a mission. A mission to bring you the best underwear, socks, sportswear, pyjamas, and accessories made in Europe. And we want you to meet our latest featured brand: HANRO.

HANRO is a quintessentially Swiss company - their pants, bras, pyjamas, and more are all stylish, luxurious, and innovative. For more than 130 years, they have used top quality, natural fibres to create an ever-evolving catalogue of under- and outerwear.

They’re real masters of design, with the skills to seamlessly combine current trends with their old school values. And… did we mention they’re one of our favourites?

In this post, we’ll tell you a little bit about HANRO’s history, design process, and the materials they use. And, of course, we’ll go into all the things we love about them and their products.


HANRO brand logo

Really fancy pants!

Step back in time with us to 1884. Knitwear pioneers Albert Handschin and Carl Ronus have just founded their first factory in Liestal, Switzerland. They put their heads (and their names!) together to create the HANRO brand. And from here, they begin to produce high-quality woollen underwear on specially designed machines.

Their product range has expanded over the years to reflect changing trends and tastes. In the 1930s, in response to the demand for more feminine silhouettes, Albert’s granddaughter Madeleine created a revolutionary range of ultralight brassieres.

At the same time, her brother was working on developing the new jacquard knitting machine, making this business a real family affair!

Today, HANRO manufactures top-quality loungewear, leisure outerwear, and nightwear, too. They are always innovating fabrics and coming up with fresh new designs that reflect seasonal changes. And through it all, they remain remarkably true to their roots, inspired by Albert and Carl’s original designs.

It goes (almost) without saying – HANRO’s products stand the test of time.

Over the last 130 years and longer:

  • They have made ‘delicates’ worn by soldiers and movie stars alike.
  • World War 1 soldiers from every camp went into battle wearing HANRO underwear.
  • Marilyn Monroe was pictured in a pair of their pants.
  • Oscar-winning actress, Nicole Kidman, modelled the HANRO Cotton Seamless shirt 1601 in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

They’ve even won an award of their own! HANRO was named Designer of the Year 2016 at the Salon International de la Lingerie, beating 500 other lingerie brands to win this prestigious title.


Happy couple wearing HANRO underwear at home

Feel at home in your own skin

From the very beginning, HANRO has used only the highest quality natural fibres to create their products. Back then, this meant wool. These days, they use a mixture of premium cotton, delicate silk, and Swiss yarns, as well as, of course, the finest quality Merino wool.

You’ll also consistently find this innovative bunch at the forefront of sustainability. Currently, they’re delving into some exciting exploration of cellulosic fibres like TENCEL – one of the most luxuriously soft materials your skin will ever enjoy (that’s also environmentally considerate).

HANRO’s manufacturing process begins with the selection of its materials. Then, the designers get to work on their sketches. When they’re happy with their designs, they hand-make prototypes and display them on custom-made mannequins to check the style and the fit.

No job is too small for this brand when it comes to luxury and comfort.

Indeed, even when the final products are being made, some elements are still painstakingly crafted by hand. These include the exquisite French Leavers lace that adorns some of their bras and camisoles.

And all this comes together to create luxurious underwear, loungewear, and nightwear that’s guaranteed to have you feeling comfortable in yourself as well as in your pjs!


What we love about HANRO

The levels of love and innovation that goes into these products is incredible (and we genuinely can’t get enough of them!). Every single fabric HANRO creates is unique. The seamless, hemless finishes on all their products is the highly desirous result of a design process that’s been honed over the course of 130 years and still reaches for new levels of perfection.

HANRO underwear is sleek, soft, and a little bit (dare we say it?) sexy. Perfect for everyday comfort and special occasions. It’s no wonder people love it.

And so, it comes as no surprise to see their solid 4- and 5-star average ratings from over 750 verified reviewers. Here are just some of the incredible things that their customers have said about them:

“I’ve always loved the quality, design and durability of HANRO products.”


 “Beautiful cotton, always keep [their] shape, washes really good and very comfortable against my skin.”


“Excellent quality, stylish and comfortable.”


 “Very nice bra and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend it. Will purchase in another colour for sure. Definitely my favourite brand now I’ve found it.”


With such phenomenal public support (as well as lifelong fans within our own ranks), HANRO was never a brand we could go without here at SocksFox. We always knew they’d go down an absolute treat – and we’re pleased to say, we were right!

Since our early days, HANRO has been one of our best-selling brands. And it feels so right to support such a special brand – one with not only downright fantastic products, but an impressive commitment to sustainability, no less.

A brand that learns from the past, cherishing their local, natural fibres, while keeping an eye on the future, championing modern methods with fibres like TENCEL. Oh yes, there are a number of reasons we love HANRO.


Don’t miss out on these fpant-tastic items!

HANRO’s underpants and shirts have long been a big hit with movie stars. Might as well wear good knickers if you’re going to show them off in a white dress over the subway, right?

But don’t think you’ve got to be an A-lister, mister, to look and feel great in what they make.

This brand has been creating super comfy, high-quality underwear for men and women for over a century. Their products are designed for everyday wear. Here, you’ll find seamless designs with a thoroughly modern flair. Their briefs have even survived war zones, so you know you’ll be secure both buying and wearing them.

Our range of HANRO products contains an array of items, styles, and fits, so you’ll be sure to find something you love.