Introducing: Doré Doré

Introducing: Doré Doré

Doré Doré, a hosiery company that began in France before moving to Italy, knows that socks are more than just an afterthought. They pull an entire outfit together. With an amazing range of styles, superb materials, and a long history of carefully crafted socks, there isn’t much that you can’t find with Doré Doré’s doors. 

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and durability, either. Let’s look deeper into Doré Doré socks, and why they’re some of the best socks you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing. 


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Started in the 1800s by Jean-Baptiste Doré, and eventually taken over by his brother, Laurent, Doré Doré was founded in a small French town called Fontaine-Lès-Grès. The company had humble beginnings but expanded quickly. Eventually, their factories would be so prevalent in the small village that Fontaine-Lès-Grès would be known as the “sock capital of the world”.

From the very beginning, this brand has focused on using unique, premium yarn for the socks, and the difference in quality from their competitors was clear. In fact, they were so successful that they won a gold medal at the World Exhibition of 1867! 

Doré Doré experienced substantial growth during the industrial revolution, leading to more and more factories opening. This company was ahead of its time, not just for the superb hosiery it produced, but for their belief in workers' rights from its very beginning. 

Doré Doré would be centralised in Fontaine-Lès-Grès for over 2 centuries, but in 2003, a deal was struck. The company was acquired by renowned Italian sock maker Gallo, and both companies' manufacturing was combined in Italy. 

Despite this merger, the high quality of Doré Doré socks and their careful craftsmanship remained the same, albeit with a touch of Italian flare that can’t be found anywhere else. 


The Spirit of Doré Doré 

Companies must evolve as time goes on, whether it be a change in materials, production, or methods of sales. Doré Doré is no exception, and while they have grown right along with other famous sock companies, the heart of the company has remained the same.

Sure, you may be able to buy Doré Doré socks online now, but their products have changed little in over 200 years. Doré Doré makes a point to always have the same core products, including colours and patterns, so you can always find what you love time and time again.

This isn’t to say that nothing ever changes for them, though. Each season, this sock company introduces new collections of bright, fun, and beautiful socks for men, women, and children.

Whether you prefer a more classic design, or want your socks to change with the seasons, Doré Doré has what you’re looking for. 


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Doré Doré has been sustainable long before it was popular. Since they have been one of the top producers of socks in France before moving to Italy, Doré Doré had to rise above all the other manufacturers of the time and win customers.

That long ago, advertising wasn’t what it is today. Instead, to keep customers coming back for more, Doré Doré had to have a product that was leagues above the rest. That’s why these socks are durable and beautiful at the same time. 

In fact, Doré Doré’s motto is “DD socks, simply impossible to wear them out.”.  

What started as a way to impress buyers with a product that lasted has translated in the modern day to sustainability. Instead of needing to buy new socks monthly, and throwing away the old socks, with Doré Doré, you can have a collection of socks for years to come. 

The company is also certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. This certification ensures that they used no harmful chemicals or dyes in the production of their products. Furthermore, most of Doré Doré’s products are made of organic cotton


What Sets Doré Doré Apart From the Rest? 

Fashionable socks are gaining traction with those who love a pop of colour in their everyday wardrobe, but what makes Doré Doré different from its competitors? After being around for 2 centuries, we have to assume they’re doing something right! 

Our favourite features of the Doré Doré brand are:

  • Responsible sourcing: Doré Doré doesn’t just purchase their materials from the cheapest supplier. There is only ever one intermediary between them and their suppliers, meaning they know exactly where everything comes from.
  • Only the finest materials: Not all sock materials are created equal, which is why this brand uses a large variety of premium materials, including cashmere, merino wool, Egyptian cotton, and silk. 
  • History of quality: There’s a reason people have loved Doré Doré for over 2 centuries. And now, with their partnership with Italian sock maker Gallo, they will continue to produce their beloved socks for years to come. 
  • Branching out: Doré Doré continues to develop, and it shows in the newest products they have released. Leggings and tights for women, and compression socks, are some of the brand’s newer ventures, and we’re sure to see more as time goes on. They even have a limited line of cashmere scarves and hats! 


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In Summary

Doré Doré is a company with a long history that tells a story of success, innovation, and quality. Having never skimped on their materials or sacrificed craftsmanship for speed of production, these socks are just as amazing today as they were 200 years ago. 

There’s a reason this brand has been around so long; because the best always rises to the top.