Introducing: Corgi

Introducing: Corgi

At SocksFox, we’re doggedly determined to bring you the best in European design when it comes to socks, underwear, sportswear, and accessories. Which is why we’ve added Corgi to the list of featured brands on our website!

Contrary to what their name might suggest, they make high-quality socks for humans. And they do so using renewable fibres and homegrown nylon. Read on to find out more about the company and the reasons why we’re proud to stock their products.


Corgi brand logo

From humble beginnings to high society and haute couture

We’d like to take you on a journey, if you don’t mind – the story of Corgi. This remarkable brand was founded in 1892, in a small mining village in Carmarthenshire, Wales. And, just like SocksFox, it’s a family-run business that strives to stay true to its roots.

The current owners of the business, Lisa Jones and Chris Wood, are the great, great-grandchildren of the original founder, Rhys Jones. Their factory might have been updated once or twice over the years, but to this day, the quaint Welsh town of Ammanford remains the centre of their operations, and their rustic community is at the heart of everything they do.

Originally, Corgi made woollen socks for the local coal miners. Gradually, their range grew to include higher quality, ‘Sunday best’ socks, which they designed to be worn to church.

These days, they produce a whole range of luxury socks, outerwear, and accessories for every occasion, using beautifully soft wool, cotton, and cashmere.

Corgi socks on the line set against a rural background

From humble, working-class beginnings, Corgi has grown into a truly world-class brand. They have collaborated with famous fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Burberry and showcased their products on catwalks.

Oh and (did we forget to mention?), the brand is a favourite with the royal family, too. Yes, apparently the furry four-legged kind aren’t the only corgis you’ll find cosying up to the royals! In fact, HRH The Prince of Wales granted Corgi a Royal Warrant in 1989, and they still make socks for the royal family to this day.

Yes, these are indeed socks fit for a king or queen. But don’t think for a second that you have to be a prince or a Parisian model to wear them!

Forget catwalks, what about dog walks on a Sunday afternoon, tramping across muddy fields, and then going home and putting your feet up? Whoever you are, and whatever you’ve got planned, Corgi’s got the perfect pair of socks for you.


Age-old secrets and generational genius

All of Corgi’s patterns are created in-house by their expert design team. After which, they manufacture their socks using techniques and processes passed down through the generations from Rhys Jones himself.

Each pair of socks is made individually using a Griswold knitting machine. And then, for the added dash of luxury, hand-finished by one of the company’s talented linkers.

When the socks come off the machine, their toes are still open (which is not a look that’s ever likely to catch on). Don’t worry, you won’t find toe-less socks here! The team simply considers this another opportunity for the finest of personal touches; they delicately sew the toes shut by hand, to make sure that the seams at the end are completely flat.

After that, the socks are pressed, laundered, labelled, packaged, and shipped. Corgi take great time and care over each stage of their design and manufacturing process, ensuring the final product is of the best possible quality before it’s sent out.


heart shape created using coloured yarn bundles

What we love about Corgi

Their socks are toe-tally (sorry) awesome

Corgi genuinely make the most comfortable socks you’re ever going to own. Plus, the array of different designs means they’ve got something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for simple, soft, plain socks, or something a bit jazzier, they’ve got you covered. (They even make socks with corgis on them).

And that’s not all! Corgi say it themselves: “We’re best known for our socks. That’s not all we do, but it’s a good place to start.” They also make accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves, and they have an am-a-zing range of cosy knitwear.

As sock connoisseurs, you might expect us to only focus on the feet. And we are (mostly). But we’re also really attracted to the heart of this brand. It’s partly why we decided to add them to our website.


Corgi is a family-owned business

As an independent, family-run business ourselves, we were drawn to the family values of this brand. Not only are the current owners direct descendants of Rhys Jones, who founded the company, but the entire team feels like one extended family.

Heart-warming and foot-warming all in one. We approve.


They are committed to sustainable practices

Most of Corgi’s yarns are made from naturally occurring fibres, including cotton, wool, and cashmere. Meanwhile, 100% of the energy that powers their factory comes from a renewable source.

They have also recently switched to using recyclable packaging to send out their products in.


They work closely with local charities and give back to the community

Corgi design charity sock collections and donate a percentage of their profits to the organisations they are working with. And we think that’s pretty amazing.

Their Regimental Socks Collection was commissioned by Prince Charles and features designs from different British Army regiments. Proceeds from the sale of these socks go to Combat Stress, the country’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health.


They’re beloved by the people!

We could wax lyrical about how awesome Corgi is until the cows come home (and… buy socks?). But you don’t just have to listen to us! Corgi has a 4.7/5 star rating from over 200 verified reviewers.

Check out what their happy customers have to say about their socks:


“Happy Socks!

Roomy, comfy, colourful socks made in Wales. What's not to like?!

Feels good to support a local company producing an excellent product for many years.”


“Best socks in the world!

The best socks I’ve ever worn. Will never wear anything else.”


“Lovely designs!

Lovely designs - shame one has to wear shoes!”


Yeah, we feel that one on a spiritual level.


Don’t get cold feet!

Corgi is a high-class brand with the royal seal of approval, no less! But despite their global popularity, they’ve never strayed from the original, small-town values on which the company was founded.

Their designs are heavily influenced by the Welsh countryside around them, and their work with local and national charities is nothing short of inspiring.

Order from our range of luxury Corgi socks today and get ready to show off your fancy feet as soon as they arrive. You’ll be dancing for days - or at least toe-tapping under your desk - in all their wonderful designs.