Introducing: Bresciani

Introducing: Bresciani

There are names that are synonymous with quality, exclusivity, and all-round sock superiority. Then there is Bresciani – a brand that essentially rewrote the book on true craftsmanship.

Renowned for their remarkable attention to detail, the artisans at Bresciani work exclusively with the finest materials money can buy. Founded in 1970 by Mr Mario Bresciani, the company quickly became one of Italy’s most iconic manufacturers of superior socks for men.

Even today, every sock Bresciani produce is meticulously manufactured in the company’s sole production facility, just outside Milan. Slip on a sock bearing the Bresciani brand just once and you’ll never look back; the craftsmanship that goes into each pair hits home in an instant.

Too much to ask from a simple sock? A question only those who’ve yet to experience the beauty of Bresciani would ever ask!


Bresciani logo

Guided By the Simplest Principles

In its own words, Bresciani is guided by two simple principles that lay bare the company’s founding philosophy:

Quality and comfort.

And let’s face it, what more do you need when it comes to a pair of premium socks?

What sets Bresciani apart from comparable manufacturers is the brand’s commitment to continuous research and experimentation. Everything currently available from them is a product of extensive refinement and ongoing improvement.

Their production process begins with the careful selection of the most exclusive and sought-after raw materials on the market, sourced exclusively from trusted suppliers who prioritise sustainability. Every sock is manufactured the “old-fashioned” way, with Bresciani having sidestepped mass production to fly the flag for craftsmanship.

Specifically, there are 12 manual steps involved in finishing and packing Bresciani’s socks, making each product a unique work of art. Like crisp winter snowflakes on the sock scene, no two Bresciani socks are ever quite the same. And that’s precisely what makes them so appealing.


Closeup of Bresciani worker producing their high-quality socks

A Reflection of the Changing Seasons

At any one time, the Bresciani factory and warehouse is populated by hundreds of different threads from all over the world. This enables Bresciani to create inspired and refined collections to reflect the changing seasons, ensuring on-trend looks are always available.

From fashionable socks that make a statement to the ultimate one-size-fits-all socks for all occasions, it’s all right there in the Bresciani collection.

What’s more, strategic combinations of countless quality materials ensure socks that are as comfortable as they are durable and hardwearing. From Egyptian cotton to Australian Merino wool, French linen to Himalayan cashmere and the Andean vicuna, Bresciani brings the world to your feet. (Quite literally!)

They also offer a fantastic all-purpose sock that combines first quality Egyptian cotton with high-end Lycra, making for the ultimate in everyday comfort and practicality.


A Company of History and Heritage

The history of Bresciani dates back to 1970, when Mario Bresciani decided the time had come to fly solo. Having successfully led several prominent businesses within the sector, he set his sights on establishing his own sock entitled company – aptly entitled the Mario Bresciani snc sock factory.

Based in Castiglione delle Stiviere, Bresciani’s new brand quickly built ties with several major international firms and distributors. Renowned for the quality and consistency of its output, the company – rebranded as Calzificio M Bresciani srl in 1980 – would go on to establish its presence as far afield as the USA, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Today, the founding values that made Bresciani a resounding success story over five decades ago are still proudly upheld. A brand that makes a real contribution to the fame of the ‘Made in Italy’ moniker – an instantly recognisable measure of quality and desirability worldwide.


Bresciani socks on a pile on grass


Where Traditional Means Cutting-Edge

“Our company’s attention to details begins with the selection of the finest and natural yarns in cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk and linen. Rigorous quality control, highly skilled workmanship (all socks are hand linked) and advanced computer technology ensure that our products meet the highest standards.” - Bresciani

Today, Bresciani is a company that embraces the best of both worlds – the old-fashioned and the advanced. Deeply rooted in tradition, Bresciani has an extensive team of specialised workers bringing decades of combined experience to the brand.

Computer technology and machines with high numbers of needles combine with true craftsmanship, enabling Bresciani to maintain the highest quality standards with flawless consistency. In addition, every product is produced exclusively at the company’s own HQ near Milan, allowing Bresciani to oversee every aspect of the production process and maintain total quality control.


In Pursuit of Sustainability

Back in the 1970s, when most brands turned a blind eye to environmental concerns, Mario Bresciani was busy establishing a different kind of brand. One committed not only to quality, comfort, and style for the benefit of its customers, but also the protection of the environment.

Long-term sustainability has always been a priority for Bresciani, where yarn suppliers are selected exclusively based on their respect for the environment and their workers. Today, every product produced by Bresciani guarantees the protection and fair payment of all workers involved in the manufacturing process.

All of which makes Bresciani’s socks not just products of prestige, but of priceless peace of mind. Garments designed to make you look good, feel good, and take pride in the fact that you’re doing good by wearing them!


Bresciani socks packed in bags


Why We Love Bresciani

The team here at SocksFox is pretty particular when it comes to the designers and manufacturers we recommend. There’s nothing we appreciate more than a producer with a goal beyond the basics to serve up something seriously special.

With Bresciani, everything they do is about as special as it gets.

In a nutshell, SocksFox loves Bresciani because…

  1. Their socks are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, ensuring the ultimate in comfort, durability, and practicality.
  2. The attention to detail that goes into each sock is exquisite. Plus, we’re big fans of each hand-finished sock being 100% unique.
  3. It’s always comforting to step into a pair of socks that comes from a company with an eye for environmental concerns and sustainability.
  4. Bresciani socks also look simply superb. And that’s a bonus that just can’t be overlooked – plenty of options available to suit all tastes and preferences.

Bresciani is a brand that encapsulates what the ‘Made in Italy’ badge of honour really means. In the SocksFox collection, you’ll find a wide range of Bresciani products – personally selected by our own team of buyers.

Place your order online today. Or reach out to a member of our team anytime for more information on any of our product lines.