How To Choose Your Wedding Socks

How To Choose Your Wedding Socks

This is it. The best day of your life is fast approaching, and everything is ticked off the ‘wedmin’ list – well, almost everything. Have you thought about your all-important wedding socks? Yes, groom socks which you’ll be wearing underneath your chosen wedding suit.

It may seem to some like an unnecessary purchase, especially for such an expensive day already, but you’ll want your feet to be comfortable and cushioned for a long day of standing and dancing, won’t you?

This spring wedding season, choose a pair of premium men’s wedding socks to accessorise your look and keep your feet fresh and dry.

Read on to find out how to choose the best wedding socks for you.

How to choose wedding socks

The most logical place to start is deciding on what colour suit you’ll be wearing. Black is typically the go-to groom’s choice for a wedding, whether it’s a destination wedding, rustic, traditional or beach, the black tux complements the bride’s white or ivory dress perfectly.

The other benefit of wearing a black suit is that you have more flexibility when it comes to pairing it with shoes, ties, pocket squares, and most importantly, socks. The only no-no is pairing white socks with a black suit – it’s just too Michael Jackson even for the most ardent moonwalk fans.

Conventional styling instructs plain black socks for classic tuxedos, but if you want a more modern look, you can choose to add a pop of colour and/or pattern. There are plenty of colours other than white to ponder over.

Colour combos

We’ve listed some popular suit colours below with some sock colours we think make the perfect match.

Black suit with burgundy socks

Grey suit with pink socks

Navy suit with brown socks

Beige suit with mustard yellow socks

Texture and touch

Believe it or not, texture is very important when it comes to choosing wedding socks. Standing, walking and dancing are all part of a wedding day and these activities can lead to blisters, sweaty feet and aching if you’re not wearing the correct shoes and cushioning socks. However, cushioning doesn’t mean a heavier weight of sock is necessarily better. Wearing thickly ribbed socks won’t look good tucked inside typical wedding shoes such as patent or plain leather or feel as comfortable after a long day on your feet. A finer, smooth texture from dress socks is your best bet. Moisture-absorbing and wicking materials are a good idea too.

Material matters

Invest in some socks that are made from silk, Merino wool or Pima cotton and synthetic blends. These are absorbent, comfortable, and will stay both cool and warm when you need it most. Pure natural fibre blends may absorb too much moisture and leave you with damp feet.

Blends of both natural and synthetic fibres will give you the best of both worlds so it’s win-win. Nylon and Lycra® in particular help socks to retain their shape, offer a snug fit and, in some sock styles, provide arch support for all-day comfort – exactly what you need at a wedding.

Look at the length

Save your ankle-baring socks for gym workouts and keep them well away from your wedding shoes. Showing off bare, hairy ankles beneath suit trousers is a big no-no. Instead, pick a sock that reaches mid-calf or even a little higher in height to keep your legs covered – even when you’re dancing or crossing your legs.

Potential for pattern

Block-coloured, plain socks in shades of red, blue, purple, green, etc are an easy choice for just about any wedding suit. Try to keep within the same colour spectrum, e.g., if you have a cool-coloured suit, pair it with blue-based coloured socks. If you have a warm-coloured suit, pair it with yellow-based coloured socks.

If you choose to wear patterned wedding socks, you have a wide range of styles to browse. We like Argyle, polka dots and stripes best.

However, try not to overdo it with too many colours and patterns. Safely coordinate the colour or pattern of the socks with your suit or tuxedo’s formal accessories – pocket square, bow tie, etc. For example, if you’re wearing a sage green tie, pocket square or vest, add socks containing the same shade, along with other complementary colours from the cool or warm spectrum.

Gift your groomsmen/friends and family with socks

It’s a stylish memento to gift those who are close to you with some wedding socks. Men’s wedding socks have a personal touch and they truly thank individuals for their efforts in making your big day extra special. What’s more is that after the big day is over, your groomsmen/guests can carry on wearing the socks for years to come and each time they wear them, they’ll think fondly of you and your special wedding day.

To make the chosen socks even more special you could take them to a personalisation station and have initials or whatever you fancy embroidered onto them. This way, you could make each pair of socks unique for every guest. What better way than to make them feel thanked for their time and effort with something as thoughtful as this? In addition to having matching groom socks and groomsmen socks, you could pick a colour to match the bridesmaids’ dresses for a uniform look as you all walk down the aisle.

Enjoy your big day!

We hope you enjoy choosing and wearing your wedding socks. As a groom, you should feel your best on your wedding day and we believe that a comfy pair of socks that complement your suit will help you feel just that.

If you go ahead and choose to kit out your groomsmen with matching socks too, we’re confident that they’ll feel appreciative and glad to be a part of the exclusive look.